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Small World Techs is one of the world's leading creative and fast-growing mobile ad networks, made up by an accomplished User Acquisition team of experts who spent more than 6 years. We agree that a company's success is directly related to the success of their partners and advertisers. That allows us to grow while working together as individual organizations.Including gaming, tools, e-commerce, lifestyles, social dating, educating, entertainment, etc, we encourage all major apps.

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Small World Techs offers mobile app developers and marketers a leading platform for advertising products and applications. With the use of automated algorithm and machine education, our platform seeks to improve the end user's average life-time. It ensures that the right campaign matches the interests of the user public at the right time.

We work on the following revenue models :-
"Build great apps, advertising and your gain comes from us"


We equate thousands of deals from our different sources, such as direct advertisers, distributors and the leading ad networks, with the most profitable promotions being made available by our publishers.

Our multi-canal monetization platform with full service offers you the new ad formats, tailored and optimized methods, all in combination with a dedicated professional team to achieve the highest revenue per user.

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"We promise to give you big fees for exclusive deals"
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